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The connective tissue that runs in various trains though out our body are interconnected creating fascial pathways. These fascial pathways are referred to as the Meridian Lines.


The Meridian Lines

Deep Front Line (DFL)

Superficial Front Line (SFL)

Superficial Back Line (SBL)

Spiral Lines

Functional Lines

Lateral Lines

Front & Back Arm Lines

SBL – The downward flow of the body, having an opposite pull of the SFL. It is a multi-dimensional line keeping us stable`, balanced, and upright.  (Down dog)

SFL – The line with character that provides protection and lift. It creates openness in our lives enhancing our persistence, willingness, and courage. The upward flow of your body. (Plank)

Lateral Lines – Changes the perception of space around us and is supported by the big toe.  It is the focus of bringing the body back towards the midline (the center of the body), which strengthens our core stability. (Side bending)

Spiral Lines – Multi-dimensional lines that interacts with all the lines of the body energizing us! The spiral lines connect the head to the feet, and the feet to the head and are essential for postural ease and movement efficiency. (Twists)

For more information about Meridian Lines and the fascial system

refer to Anatomy Trains and The Art of Motion.

Visual imagery provided by Oak Hill Healing Arts